Live fearless.

Imagine a life without fear holding you back. 

What could you achieve? 

In just 12 weeks, the Fear Less course will teach you how to discover your TRUE potential.

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Why you need to Fear Less:

Take charge of your future.

Learn how every facet of your life can be controlled by fear, from your decision making to your daily habits and your sleep routine. See the impact fear has on your brain, and be given all the tools you need to rewire your thinking. You’ll achieve things you never thought possible. 

Fear controls everyone.

Developing your mindset and overcoming fear benefits every single person – whether your personal challenges are professional, social, or literal survival. Embracing and controlling fear will allow you to conquer your ambitions and overcome your limitations.  

Taught by the master.

Daniel Cooper has over two decades military experience, combined with an academic career focussed on discovering how to tap into an individual’s peak performance. Dan practices what he preaches, with a lifetime of earned achievements in extreme conditions.

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Course content:

This 12-week course offers weekly content that can be learned at your own pace or taken on as a single 3-month challenge. The full course outline is as follows:

Week 1: Introduction and the brain

Week 2: Decision making

Week 3: Bias

Week 4: Anxiety and pressure

Week 5: Emotion

Week 6: Threat response

Week 7: Patterns and beliefs

Week 8: Fortitude

Week 9: Behavioural change

Week 10: Habits

Week 11: Sleep

Week 12: Optimisation


"I have been doing your 12 week FEAR course, which has been absolutely great. The mechanisms your body has in place for various reasons and the numerous techniques you can use to optimise these are pretty surprising.

- T, S.

Our leadership team was fixated with your delivery and the highlight of the presentation was an innate ability to interweave your own experiences and stories to explain the content.”

- P, G.

I enrolled in the 12 week Fearless seminar of which I found to be of great value in my day to day life by providing me with the tools to improve my approach towards any pursuit or ambition. I found the course easy to navigate and digest.

- J, D

Free yourself from fear, and meet the real you.

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